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Dick Eggerding, Founder, President & Chair

Alan Dankwerth, Treasurer & Director  

Kay Williams, Vice President & Director

Steve Didio, Vice President & Director

Vickie Shoopman, Vice President & Director


About Us

Our Executive Board is entirely volunteer and works tirelessly to build community outreach and awareness and help this fundraising campaign meet its goals.  It includes:

Our Ambassadors

Ambassadors are highly regarded, well-established, well-connected members of the community that engage other individuals to support the memorial financially and/or in-kind. Ambassadors are appointed by senior members of the memorial team to assist in mission of the memorial.

Assenmacher Ambassador pic.jpg

Bill Assenmacher

Shoopman ambassador pic.jpg

General (Ret.)

Ron Shoopman


Lisa Bayless

Kara Riley Ambassador pic.jpg

Chief Kara Riley

Our Team

Otton Picture.jpg

Otto Suarez

Our Executive Director Lisa M. Hopper 

handles the day-to-day operations, media relations, board development, community outreach and awareness and will spearhead the 2022 capital campaign initiative to raise $2.5 million and facilitate the oversite of the building of the monument and expanded education and outreach programs.


Honorary Chairperson 

Dr. Richard Carmona

Community Advisors

Bill Assenmacher

Edwin Hopper

Cinde Hanson

Bill Walker

John Lacy

Kevin Wallace

Pat Johnston

Jodi Koch

Lou Waters

Sheriff Napier - Retired

Chief Daniel Sharp - Retired

Chief Karrer

Chief Horvath

Priscilla Storm

Mike Reuwsaat

Rick Grinnel

Brig Gen (ret) Ron Shoopman

Maj Gen (ret) Ted Maxwell

Matthew Moutafis

Ed Davis

Dick Tracy

Cmd. Chris Olson

Anne -Marie Braswell

Rose Steele

Cathy Skoog

Mary  Murphy

Kim  Romo


A Letter From Our Chair

I am writing on behalf of the Arizona Heroes Memorial.  We have more than 400,000 veterans, active military and first responders in southern AZ alone.  These men and women, fallen and living, had and still have a critical role in both past and present conflicts.  Despite their sacrifices, the individuals often have not received the recognition they deserve.  

A group of Arizonans recognized the need for a special place in which to honor, remember and memorialize our veterans and first responders.  The memorial will be a picturesque venue where visitors, residents and schools children can learn learn about the services these these men and women give.  The Memorial will be a hallowed place honoring those brave, outstanding individuals who have dedicated their lives to ensuring our values and security.  The Memorial is unique to all of Arizona.

The Memorial contains art, monuments and landscaping symbolic too all branches of the Department of Defense, First Responders and Healthcare Workers.  By creating such a place where people gather to remember and learn, we honor the past and educate future generations about the meaning of service and sacrifice to our country and communities.

We rely on the support of generous individuals and businesses in our greater community.  Please consider making a tax-deductible donation before there end of the year from your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) or simply as a tax-deductible contribution.  As a 501(c)3, the Memorial qualifies as a charitable deduction not subject to Federal income tax, maximizing your donation.  Your support is critical to this one-of-a-kind Memorial.  


Thank you for your support -

Dick Eggerding

Founder, President & Chair, Arizona Heroes Memorial 

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