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To create awareness and spread the word about our nonprofit fundraiser we use a variety of media to communicate with the public at large, including blog posts, social media, our monthly newsletter, and video.  But nothing is more effective than good old fashioned word-of-mouth, so please see the messages below and be sure to tell your family and friends! 


The Monthly Newsletter

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$25K Foundation Gift Shines on First Responders
Firefighters Help Form the Fabric of Their Communities
Memorial is Board Chair's Personal Passion


View the videos below to get a better idea about the memorial and the importance it plays in our community.

Explained In Their Own Words
Drone Footage of Future Site

General Wickham Interview

LIsten to this fantastic interview with the legendary General John Wickham and you will see why this memorial is so important to so many people. 

Photo Gallery

Part of the process - and the joy - of working on a project like this is the incredible people and events you come across along the way. Click below to see just a small sample...

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