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Project & Programs

To facilitate our campaign we are offering a number of programs so that the public can take the opportunity to become an even bigger part of the process. See below for the program that would best suit you!

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The Project Progress Report 2023

As of January 1st, 2023 we have gained big strides in getting the memorial built, thanks to some our major sponsors - WLB Group, Spencer Construction, WRA Investments and Parsons Steel.  They have stepped up to the plate to sponsor critical elements of the memorial build such as design, project management, excavation, concrete foundation and steel work, to name a few, which will allow us to hopefully break ground in early 2023. Detailed documents and processes are underway to initiate the construction phase.


More sponsors are coming in to help and will be featured in upcoming newsletters, blogs etc.

The Capital Campaign

Our focus is on raising the funds needed to see this project completed, so that Arizona residents and visitors alike can honor and learn from the sacrifices of so many who have come before us.  Our capital campaign began in the fall of 2022 and will continue until our goal is reached.  All donations are tax-deductible. 

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17_013_Memorial_Base FINAL 3.jpg
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On-site Education at the Amphitheatre/Pavilion
(Coming Soon!)

On site tours and presentations will be given by educators and/or leaders providing a rich history of services and heroes past and present. This living memorial provides the visitor with a conscious connection with the site as it commemorates Veterans, First Responders and Healthcare workers.  Grade specific classroom exercises and projects will be available upon booking.

Junior Ambassador Program
(Available spring 2024. Apply now - limited space).


Looking for Community Service Project for School? High school juniors and seniors as well as college level can explore the various disciplines of the non-profit world through AHM Junior Ambassadors program. 

Youth and Adult Volunteer Program


Come join our volunteer program! Our goal is simple and necessary for future generations to understand what it means when one gives of themselves to serve others for the greater good of humanity. We believe in our communities to instill with hope and with a spirit of compassion.

Community Outreach

We are very fortunate to have such a dedicated group of volunteers who are so dedicated to seeing this project come to life.

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Planning, organizing and executing the design and resources has required a huge amount of effort


Part of the mission is get young people involved so they can experience the process


Outreach includes working with our First Responders and helping mobilize their efforts


Generating interest among the public is a great way to honor our heroes while spreading awareness

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