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Our Vision

The Arizona Heroes Memorial will be open to the public, a hallowed place honoring those brave, outstanding individuals past and present who have dedicated their lives to ensuring our American values. The Memorial will be unique to Arizona, a dedicated place to provide people with a physical space to remember and to learn.

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By creating such a space in which people may gather to remember and to learn, we honor the past and educate future generations about the meaning of service and sacrifice to our country.  It is time to recognize, honor and remember the living and fallen veterans, first responders and healthcare workers together.  

This beautiful living Memorial will be located on 2.5 acres, in full view of the Catalina Mountain’s Pusch Ridge. It will contain art, monuments and landscaping that are symbolic to all branches of the Department of Defense, First Responders and Healthcare Workers.

Why It Matters


Our Healthcare Workers need to be recognized for the heroic roles they have played thoughout the pandemic

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On 9/11, the role of our nation’s first responders and healthcare workers expanded with the Military and a new recognition of the importance of their faithful service to the people of the United States in response to terrorist attacks.

While historically we have separated the roles of the military, first responders and healthcare workers, it is now appropriate to honor together these three groups of brave defenders of our safety and welfare. A group of Arizonans recognized the need for a special place in which to honor, remember, and memorialize these dedicated men women with a picturesque venue where visitors, residents and school children can learn about the services these heroes among us provide. 

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